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Narrow Street

Intra City Construction Group Services Ltd (ICCG Services Ltd)  is a professional property management company that offers block management services in the UK.


We manage developments of all sizes and aim to provide a professional service which results in a transparent and cost-effective outcome for residents, lessees and freeholders. We also pride ourselves in our commitment to deliver excellent customer service.

We are growing at a fast pace as demand is high. With an ever-changing property market, focus is key, and ours is on property management and services, as we have the social and commercial awareness that property is all about people. Our portfolio consists of flats, hotels, houses and commercial buildings.


The service and qualities we provided receive positive feedback, especially from those tenants who are homeless or vulnerable individual.

We are certain to engage your interests to the full – and promptly. Professional and experienced advisors at ICCG Services operate a comprehensive, efficient lettings and management service, with due care taken to identify properties that meet with your enduring satisfaction.

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